"Building Community, One guitar at a time!"

Student Agreement

  • Students are asked to pay for classes in packages of four at a time, which approximates one month of classes. It generally takes between 20 and 30 classes to complete an instrument, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the build and the pace set by the student. Prices for a set of four classes is $200.00. Credit, cash or check made out to Shady Lea Guitars is accepted. By purchasing a set of classes, students are committing themselves to those classes, therefore there are no refunds for classes.
  • Missed class policy- If a class is canceled by Shady Lea Guitars, that class can be rescheduled at the convenience of the student and Shady Lea Guitars. We reserve the right to cancel class at short notice. If students must miss a class, they are obligated to inform Shady Lea Guitars 24 hours in advance of missed class, after which the student may make up the class at the convenience of the student and Shady Lea Guitars.
  • A non-refundable material fee corresponding to the student’s project is made before or at the time of the first class. Pickups and extremely exotic woods may be excluded from the material fee. 
  • If a student decides not to complete their project, Shady Lea Guitars reserves the right to keep that student’s materials unless otherwise agreed upon. If a student misses classes for over 6 months without keeping in touch with Shady Lea Guitars, we reserve the right to repurpose that student's materials.
  • Students set the pace of their work. Shady Lea Guitars can not and will not be held responsible or accountable to get a student’s project completed within a period of time.
  • Students will not operate machinery or make use of tools that they are not comfortable using without supervision. Supervision will automatically be given until a verbal agreement is made that both the supervisor and student are comfortable with the student’s abilities. Students will ask for supervision if they feel they need it. Shady Lea Guitars can not be held accountable for personal injury.
  • Shop maintenance is important to us. Students will clean up throughout their work and at the end of class.
  • Shady Lea Guitars can not be held responsible for damage for theft of instruments or materials.
  • Original instrument designs resulting from collaboration between Shady Lea Guitars and students are the property of Shady Lea Guitars unless otherwise agreed upon.